TaxGate has vast experience in providing tax advice and (Dutch) tax return preparation. We can provide assistance in the following fields:

 Tax advice Netherlands

  • Litigation (objection/appeal against tax assessments or other decisions); “horizontal control”; tax audit
  • Restructurings (setting up subsidiary/holding structure, see our tax structuring section for more on this)
  • International aspects (tax treaties/directives/ordinances; permanent establishments/rep office)
  • Tax accounting
  • Transfer pricing
  • Obtaining rulings from the Dutch tax authorities
  • Decrease overall tax burden
  • Second opinion
  • Advice on income tax, VAT, dividend taxation, duties (gift/inheritance, death)
  • Advice/planning on tax residency
  • Voluntarily disclosure of non reported (e.g. foreign) income (“inkeerregeling”)

For information on the tax and business environment of the Netherlands, we refer to the tab Dutch system in our menu.

Tax compliance

  • Preparation corporate and personal income tax returns
  • Preparation VAT returns
  • Preparation dividend withholding tax returns

We would be more than pleased to determine with you your Dutch tax  needs and assess how we can be of help, without any further obligation. For this, just leave us a message.