Payroll Services

Our office can provide payroll services to your own company if your company is registered in the Netherlands but also if your company is not registered in the Netherlands. If you don’t want or cannot use your own company we can provide our payroll umbrella service.

Our payroll service includes the following:

  • Registrations with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Dutch tax authorities
  • Draft employment agreements
  • Prepare salary slips
  • Prepare and file wage tax returns
  • Annual income statements
  • 30% ruling application
  • Bookkeeping and vat filings
  • Personal income tax return

Highly skilled migrants

For bringing in highly skilled migrants, the employer needs to be registered with the Dutch immigration service (ÏND”) as a sponsor, Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch tax authorities. The application with the IND as a sponsor can take lots of time and efforts. To speed-up the process the candidate may use a payroll company that is a sponsor with the immigration services itself. The payroll company will become (temporarily) the candidate’s employer and second to the client.

We work closely together with immigration lawyers that can take care of the applications with the immigration services for both the employer and the employee.

For more on Dutch residence and work permits please see our special page on that.