How to report bank account for Dutch tax refunds

You can indicate what bank account number from a SEPA country the Dutch tax office should use to make tax refunds to your B.V. company. For that there are two options:

1. Your company is established in 2021 or before

This means that you should have been provided login details for the old tax portal, which is accessible here:

If you don’t have anymore the login details, we can request the Dutch tax office to resend those to you again, please let us know.

After login, click on “Overige formulieren” and scroll down to “Wijzigen rekeningnummer ondernemers”.

After indicating the IBAN and your company’s name, please select the applicable taxes for which this number should be used in case of refunds (normally as follows):

2. Your company is established in 2022 or later

In this case you can only report your company’s SEPA bank account number through the new tax portal:

You need eHerkenning of at least level 3 to login for your B.V. company (if you have a one-man business you can login with your personal DIGID). We can assist in obtaining eHerkenning login details, let us know.

If you don’t avail of eHerkenning, you can still report your bank account number with this form.

Non-SEPA country

If the bank account is not from a SEPA country, then a written request should be sent to the Dutch tax authorities at the following address:

Belastingdienst/CAP/Unit Registreren
Postbus 9055
GT Apeldoorn

Please let us know if you need help with this request.