Checklist for annual accounts in the Netherlands

Please use this checklist for annual accounts when delivering your administration. In this way you help us to compile your annual accounts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Your administration contains at least the following parts:

  1. Incoming invoices
  2. Outgoing invoices
  3. Cash book
  4. Bank
  5. Other information

1.  Incoming invoices:

  • Please see here which costs are deductible.

2.  Outgoing invoices:

  • The numbering of the outgoing invoices is increasing
  • The invoices meet the requirements of the Dutch tax authorities
  • No invoices are missing or there is an explanation why an invoice number is not made
  • Expired or changed invoices have been correctly adjusted or credited.

3. Cash book:

  • The cash-paid receipts are numbered in ascending order;
  • The cash-paid receipts are clearly sorted by date;
  • If it is not clear what the receipt relates to, please explain;
  • In case of catering, always indicate what it relates to;
  • Remove receipts relating to private matters from the administration;
  • Write down received cash in the cash book or in a separate document;

4. Bank:

  • MT940 files by e-mail (see here how to download);
  • All statements are present, sorted by number;
  • For every mutation it should be clear what it relates to. If there are private payments, clearly state this on the bank statement;
  • A receipt is to be attached to all transactions, which need to be placed behind the relevant bank statement;
  • In the case of payments to insurers and the Dutch tax authorities, please indicate what it relates to;
  • If an invoice has not been paid in full, it is written on the invoice when the remaining amount has been paid;

5. Other information:

  • All purchase or cost invoices that are not yet paid on 31 December;
  • Invoices that were only received in the subsequent year but that relate to this year;
  • Credit card statements with corresponding receipts / invoices and / or descriptions
  • List of outstanding sales invoices;
  • All sales invoices issued in the subsequent year but relating to this year;
  • Copies of all business insurance policies (car, company liability, business furniture etc.);
  • Kilometre registration if applicable;
  • Overview of hours worked (in case of one-man business or partnership), unless you meet the hours criterion;
  • Overview of worked hours of the partner (in case of one-man business or partnership) with regard to the co-working deduction;
  • If you have or had employees, the complete salary file;
  • Copies of the vat returns;
  • Annual bank statements (business and savings accounts);
  • Annual statements for business related financing (indicating charged interest);
  • Stock list including counting as at 31 December (at purchase value);
  • Specification list investments with copy invoices;
  • All types of business contracts for which there are monthly (automatic) withdrawals (e.g. rent, subscriptions, etc.);
  • Other questions and/or remarks.

For other questions and / or comments please feel free to contact us.