BV file

To serve your B.V. we request that you provide the following information for our file:

1.  Permanent file

Company details:

  • Company name and address details
  • RSIN (Legal Entities and Partnerships Information Number)
  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • Legal form
  • Actual location
  • Registered office
  • Date of incorporation
  • Email contact person
  • Contact phone number

Information shareholders/natural persons:

  • Name and address details
  • Gender
  • BSN (Citizen Service Number)
  • Interest/control
  • Copy of passport/driver’s license
  • Wwft identification and date
  • Wwft risk profile and date
  • For other details of owners, see income tax file

Information shareholders/legal entities:

  • Company name and address details
  • RSIN
  • Extract Chamber of Commerce
  • Interest/control

Data representative legal entity:

  • Name and address details
  • Function, since
  • Copy of passport/driver’s license

Deeds and documents legal entity:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Shareholder register
  • Articles of Association amendments
  • Share transfer deeds
  • Deeds of merger or demerger
  • Management regulations if any
  • Minutes of approval of board resolutions
  • Other relevant deeds/agreements

Other data legal entity:

  • Organization chart
  • Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Order confirmations
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Decisions fiscal unity corporation tax

Permanent data VAT:

  • VAT identification number
  • Order fiscal unity sales tax

Permanent data payroll administration:

  • Payroll tax number
  • Decision with the sector connection, the contribution percentage and the percentage for the differentiated contribution Work Resumption Fund (Whk)
  • Business association and membership number
  • CAO regulation

Any audit reports or agreements with the Tax and Customs Administration

Real estate:

  • Purchase/sale deed
  • Purchase agreement or purchase/contracting agreement
  • Notary settlement
  • Excerpt from Land Registry
  • Credit agreement
  • Rental or rental agreement

Movable property:

  • Purchase/sale agreement
  • Credit agreement
  • Rental or rental agreement


  • Deeds of incorporation/deeds of share transfer of participations
  • Possibly shareholder agreement participations

Credit agreements:

  • Current account agreement
  • Mortgage loan
  • Credit agreement

Pension and annuity provisions:

  • Annuity Agreement
  • Standing rights agreement
  • Pension policy/letter
  • Capital sum insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Permits/subsidy documents/other insurance policies
    Employer Insurance

Permanent employee data, such as:

  • Employee employment contract
  • Name and address details
  • Citizen service number (BSN)
  • Copy of passport/identity card
  • Statement of data for the employee’s payroll taxes
  • Copy work permit or combined residence and work permit
  • Declaration of no private use of a car

2. Annual file


  • Balance
  • Profit and loss account
  • Previous entries
  • Specification of balance sheet items
  • Investments during the financial year
  • Depreciation
    Depreciation statements
    WOZ decisions
    Calculation bottom value
  • Participations
  • Stock statement 31/12
  • Debtor specification
    Accounts receivable
  • Other receivables/accruals
  • Cash/bank specifications
  • Equity
    Capital payments/repayment of share capital
    Dividend distributions/minutes/board decision to approve dividend
  • Voorzieningen
  • Loans
  • Creditor specification
    Accounts Payable Expiration
  • Taxes
  • Other debts/accruals
  • Events after the balance date
  • Yield specification
  • Cost specification


  • Connections declarations administration
  • Copies of declarations/annual totals specification
  • Refund decisions
  • Copy statement ICP
  • Customer permissions
  • Sales tax supplement
  • Taxed rental decision

Payroll administration/wage tax

  • Connection of declarations administration
  • Customer permissions
  • Payroll journal entries
  • Employee insurance premiums
  • Correction messages
  • Working conditions service
  • Absence reports
  • Work-related costs scheme
    Designated final levy wage
    Free space calculation
  • Employee wages (per employee)
  • Gross wage/customary wage
  • Wage in kind
  • Overtime compensation
  • Cost reimbursement
  • Dispensations
  • Childcare allowance
  • Fixed cost reimbursement
  • Company car
  • Payroll
  • Payslip
  • Annual statement

3. Corporate income tax return file

  • Copy of corporate income tax return/annual tax report
  • Customer authorization
  • Commercial/tax connections
  • Fiscal consolidation statement fiscal unity
  • Annual accounts of affiliated subsidiaries
  • Substantiation of positions taken in the declaration
  • Assessments/provisional corporate income tax assessments
  • Correspondence to the Tax and Customs Administration about tax returns/assessments
  • Objection
  • Appeal
  • Dividend declaration
  • Dividend tax return

4. Advice file

  • Correspondence
  • Advices
  • Phone notes